About the company


We are the ninjas of the web industry. We have a black belt in developing web solutions that will take out your opponent in a heartbeat. Never heard of web ninjas before? That’s probably because you’ve never discovered a company that develops functional websites with stunning designs, bestseller copy and creates effective marketing strategies so that you can tell the world you are a super hero.

Websites work for you 24/7. No employee will ever do that and rightly so. That’s exactly where the Icarus ninjas come to the rescue. Every individual at Icarus excels in their respective areas and our intense drive to surpass our competition keeps us at the top of our game so you can catch a breath. Let us help you find a digital solution that will knock out your competition with a single move!

A few other ‘dojos’ with which we pride ourselves:

  • www.icarus.com.mt – Icarus – Finely Crafted Websites
  • www.seo.com.mt     – Icarus – Search Engine Optimisation
  • www.cro.com.mt     –  Icarus – Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • www.smm.com.mt  –  Icarus – Social Media Marketing

So are you ready to step into the ring? Icarus is your number one stop shop for design, development, copywriting and marketing.


What kind of Ninjas are we talking about?

Online Marketing Ninjas


Our Online Marketing experts have a ‘black belt’ in producing creative and successful marketing strategies that will deliver a great return on your investment. Ignoring Online Marketing is like being a ninja without ever telling anyone how awesome you are. Our marketing team is a creative bunch that creates successful, yet cost effective campaigns and they are ready to help you tell world about your business.

Creativity is the door, but data driven marketing is the key to success. We know most people don’t like numbers too much, so let us help you do the math.

Ready to tell the world about your business?


Web Development Ninjas


Our web developers have this strange obsession with funny looking codes, which basically means that they create user friendly and professional websites and spice them up with the latest W3C standard guidelines to create semantic, responsive and SEO friendly XHTML and CSS. Ok, did this just sound Chinese to you?

These guys analyse every bit of your business to create a site that suits your needs. Easy question, do you want to drive more visitors to your site and convert them into long-time customers? Then you may want to fasten your seatbelt, it gets better!

Our web team stays on top of the latest trends in website feature/functionality so that you don’t have to. We know Conversion Rate Optimisation is going to be the next big thing, just like Karate was way way way back in the day.

Our web team focuses on CRO so that you can turn your visitors into customers. We implement A/B testing or multivariate testing, so that we can figure out what strategy exactly works best for your business. Plus, we will put just as much heart and soul into creating your website as we lovingly invested in Icarus.


Web Design Ninjas


Every web ninja wants to look good! A quality webpage without pretty pictures and functional design becomes plastic. Meet our creative design team that produce exceptional digital solutions to project your business online. Real design isn’t just about pretty pictures, it’s all about functionality and our designers are experts at combining both. The look and feel of a website determines the actions of your visitors and customers, so we’ve recruited the best designers in the business to make your customers click.


Copywriter Ninjas


Copy writing is a direct conversation with your opponent in the ring. Copy is a direct conversation with your customers, and our copywriters are really social and love to chat! Thankfully, they know how to put everything on paper too. Our writers are excellent at writing stories that sell. Content is your brand’s voice and our writers can help you formulate your message with the right words at the right time.
Everyone knows how to use a keyboard but that doesn’t make you a writer. Icarus picked individuals that know how to do both.


Are You a Ninja…?


But enough about us, let’s talk about you. You may wonder why we would include an ‘About You’ section in our ‘About Us’ page? Well without you, our web ninjas would never be able to fight off your opponents. That’s why this “About Us” page, has to include the most important members of our Icarus family – You!
What’s important to Team Icarus is that we are able to provide a service that is 100 per cent tailored to your needs. Whether you need a total website makeover or if you simply fancy a sleek new design or compelling content for your existing website, Team Icarus is here to help.We are in this together. Consider us your extended family.


What’s in the name?


Picking a name for you dog is difficult enough. Imagine picking one for your company! Kristjan, the founder of Icarus, used to work at a company where each project was assigned an internal code which was usually the name of a Greek god. Turns out, some of these Greek gods and goddesses were up to some pretty cool stuff. One day he stumbled upon a fabulous poem about Icarus. To this day these lines are some of his favourite verses, so it’s no surprise that this poem inspired him when he picked the name for his very own company – Icarus.

Who are you, and what am I?
Remember me? I touched the sky
I flew too hard and burned too fast
Dreams like mine, they just don’t last
I touched the sun on feathered limbs
I satisfied my wildest whims
But I burnt out, and I fell down
My body wasn’t ever found
But don’t remember me for how I failed
I embody all the dreams that’ve sailed
So who are you, and what am I?
Remember me? I wasn’t afraid to fly.

Icarus by Revosh


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