Dieter Rams Good Web Design

Applying Dieter Rams’ principles to web design

‘Less, but better’. Greatly known for his work and contributions to design, Dieter Ram was the head designer at Braun for almost 35 years. He is famous for his 10 principles of design which are essentially a set of rules one should keep in mind when designing something new. His [...]Read more
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Remove auto generated p tags from wordpress

WordPress does a great job at parsing what average users insert into the content however web designers and developers like me sometimes need the code to be outputted as is without any modified br and p tags. Online I’ve seen some weird core hacking going around but actually all [...]Read more

Exit Pop Up with Shadowbox & jQuery

Love them or hate them exit or welcome pop ups may have huge impacts on the conversion rates. I honestly love the simplicity of Shadowbox JavaScript multimedia player but as we all know it cannot be used as a normal jQuery plugin as it overrides the events. Anyway! To achieve [...]Read more

PHP domNode toString XML

This is a very simple task I needed to do which basically consisted of getting a domNode as a string and printing the content. This may not be very useful in an application but it may be very useful for debugging purposes. On the PHP documentation pages I found some code which is [...]Read more

Confirm anchor click with jQuery ui

Ok, so you need to pop up the confirm dialogue when a user clicks an anchor using jQuery right? There are several solutions to this problem but this soilution is the one I prefer. First of all set the dialogue autoOpen option to false. This will stop the dialogue to open when [...]Read more

CodeIgnitor .htaccess to remove index.php

CodeIgnitor is my favorite PHP framework as it is one of the simplest  MVC frameworks out there ( simple = good = happy Kris ) I know .htaccess support is not enabled by default on some servers but  I believe I never really came across one … hence I never really understood why it [...]Read more

Adding DataTables.js to BootStrap

DataTables.js is my favorite client side table sorter out there packed with functionalities and clean coded. Most of all it’s also library free hence can be used with or without jQuery. BootStrap on the other hand is my favorite front end framework especially when developing back [...]Read more

IE bug window resize fix

This code snippet fixes IE’s bug on window resize event. As you may have noticed when you use the .resize() and try to get the width and height of the container these are returned as 0 thus making it impossible to centre a div. You may not need this very often but trust me it [...]Read more

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