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How to properly delete files

Emptying your recycle bin does not infact delete your files permanently. With some special software and a few minutes it would be possible to retrieve the deleted data. Even if a hard drive is said to be corrupted you might still be able to retrieve the data it holds. There is [...]Read more
Starting your own business

What does it take to make a business successful?

Starting a new business can be a tough process and you might find yourself doubting the very idea you were so excited about. Here are some important things to keep in mind when developing your business. From failure comes success When starting a new business, it can be tough to [...]Read more
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How to stop automatic updates in WordPress

By default wordpress currently automatically installs minor updates. These are Plugin, Theme, Translation files and core updates. In order to disable even minor automatic updates you will have to do some advanced configuration to the WP-config file. Go into the wp-config file and [...]Read more

WordPress core installation

After installing WordPress weather locally or on a server, you will be able to see the hierarchical structure of folders. Some of these folders are very important such as the WP-admin and WP-includes folders. These folders contain the core of WordPress. It might be tempting to [...]Read more
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WordPress index.php file

The wp-content directory in your WordPress site has a very important file called index.php. It does not contain much code or rather is nearly empty. However it is crucial especially when it comes to site security. What it does is prevent people from being able to see the [...]Read more
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Upgrade folder in WordPress

When upgrading, WordPress has a special folder specifically for this purpose stored in wp-contents. This is the upgrade file. It is mainly used by WordPress to store update files downloaded from the WordPress website. The files are then extracted in the folder itself before the [...]Read more
Dieter Rams Good Web Design

Web Design Trends 2015

As time goes by, the web keeps changing. Long gone are the days of static web pages where a few chunks of text in plain font were able to generate traffic. Websites are getting all the more complex and the designs more sophisticated. In this blog we will take a look at some of [...]Read more

Ubuntu 14.04 file copying

In order to copy a file in ubuntu 14.04 server (using putty as the command line interface), all you need to do is type in cp with the name of the document you want to copy along with the name of the new copied document. Example : cp  filetocopy.conf   newfile.conf The above will [...]Read more

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