Why is ‘change’ good for a business?

I would like to talk about the importance of innovation and reinvention for business sustainability. If we want to endure, if we want to survive, we must ride the waves of change rather than fighting them every day. Even though we will talk about business, truth is these lessons [...]Read more

WordPress WP-config file

The WP-config file is one of the most important files in every WordPress installation. This file allows you to connect your WordPress to your SQL by providing the database name along with the username and password. This file is initially names WP-config-sample.php but has to be [...]Read more

What is dual booting?

Most PCs come with a single operating system built in such as Mac or Windows. However it is possible to have multiple operating systems on a single system and being able to choose between them. This process is known as dual booting. This can be useful for multiple reasons [...]Read more

WordPress htaccess file

By default, WordPress provides ugly URLs. What I mean by this is that URLs have a lot of random characters in the end. However you can adjust them by making use of permalinks. This is the main function of the htaccess file. Providing clean permalinks on your site not only [...]Read more
The future is here

Step closer to the future with Bionic eyes!

For the first time, there has been testing to what are known as bionic eyes. These are advanced implants that allow blind people or those with limited vision to see a bit better. Although the devices are not yet perfect, people wearing these implants can see dark and light and [...]Read more
Cyber security

What is a DDoS attack?

A type of attack that a hacker might try to do on a site is called a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of service attack). This type of attack attempts to take a website offline by overloading it with more requests than it can handle. Often this type of attack can come from [...]Read more
Wordpress Logo

WordPress content testing

When creating a website or a custom theme in wordpress it is always a good idea to test a variety of content that will go into the site. The more content you test the better, however you still need to test specific content ( that is the content that the site is actually intended [...]Read more
Windows 10

Windows 10 First Impressions

I just recently installed windows 10 thus I am writing here to tell you what I think of it so far. Well first of all the desktop now feels a lot more like home since the start bar is back . It has been integrated with the windows 8 apps thus making it that much more […]Read more

Changing directory in ubuntu 14.04

To change directory in Ubuntu 14.04 (using putty as the command line client) all you have to do is make use of cd. write cd followed by the full path you want to go to starting with a /. Example: cd  /var/folder/css This will take you to the CSS folder and there you can execute [...]Read more

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