Naming variables tip for beginners

When starting out in programming it may be tempting to write one letter variables or name your variables names such as var1 or test. However you should avoid doing this and try to make your variable names as explanatory as possible while still keeping them short. Remember that in [...]Read more

Free system cleanup utility

If you want a faster boot time or just want to fix registry errors, you are going to need a system cleanup utility. I would recommend CCleaner. This software has both a free version and a professional version for those who require technical support. It has many useful features [...]Read more
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Essentials to install wordpress online

In order to install WordPress and start creating your own website on-line you are going to need some things. First of all you will need WordPress. You will also need a web host and an FTP client. You’ll also need an SQL Database that should be configured to securely persist [...]Read more

SQL configuration with wordpress error

When configuring and connecting SQL to your WordPress installation, you may run into a password authentication error. This happens when using SQL v4.1 or SQL v5 with the PHP implimentations of some web servers that only support the previous SQL v4 password hashing system. To [...]Read more
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Redirecting users using .htaccess file

The htaccess file can also be used to redirect users in the case of a URL change. If you change a simple url permalink by adding some words or letters, anyone visiting the previous page will get a 404 error and we obviously do not want this. .htaccess comes to the rescue. You can [...]Read more
Online Security

WordPress captcha security tip

A great little feature that allows you to increase security on your site is by installing a captcha plugin for your login page. A captcha is the text box that asks you to confirm your identity by copying the text next to it. Installing this can protect you from bots and scripts [...]Read more

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