Artificial Intelligence

Will robots soon take over? (Artificial Intelligence)

Due to a computer passing the ‘Turing test’ for the first time, many have been debating if this is the start of something that will eventually be smarter than humans. AI (artificial intelligence) is an area in computing technology that often confuses people. Many [...]Read more

What is dual booting?

Most PCs come with a single operating system built in such as Mac or Windows. However it is possible to have multiple operating systems on a single system and being able to choose between them. This process is known as dual booting. This can be useful for multiple reasons [...]Read more
The future is here

Step closer to the future with Bionic eyes!

For the first time, there has been testing to what are known as bionic eyes. These are advanced implants that allow blind people or those with limited vision to see a bit better. Although the devices are not yet perfect, people wearing these implants can see dark and light and [...]Read more
The future is here

5 Technologies that will change the world

Ever wondered what the future will bring? How will society look in 10 years time? Let’s have a go like they did in back to the future and explore what technologies will be around in the years to come. 1. Wearable technology Ok so everyone has heard of the iwatch but this is [...]Read more

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