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Photoshop Image Processor

If you have a large number of images in psd format, you can easily convert them to png thanks to the Photoshop image processor. Under File>Scripts>Image processor you can choose a folder containing all the psd images you want to convert and have a choice of formats [...]Read more
Dieter Rams Good Web Design

Web Design Trends 2015

As time goes by, the web keeps changing. Long gone are the days of static web pages where a few chunks of text in plain font were able to generate traffic. Websites are getting all the more complex and the designs more sophisticated. In this blog we will take a look at some of [...]Read more

What is WordPress?

You might have heard of a little something on the internet called WordPress and how it is loved by many web developers out there. This blog will briefly explain what WordPress actually is. Although it started out as a blogging framework, WordPress has since evolved to become a [...]Read more
Wordpress Logo

Advantages of wordpress

When it comes to creating websites it might not always be a good idea to start designing one from scratch. If not then wordpress is the way to go! This is the best platform that provides fast and efficient website creation while still giving the flexibility to edit and specify to [...]Read more
Dieter Rams Good Web Design

Applying Dieter Rams’ principles to web design

‘Less, but better’. Greatly known for his work and contributions to design, Dieter Ram was the head designer at Braun for almost 35 years. He is famous for his 10 principles of design which are essentially a set of rules one should keep in mind when designing something new. His [...]Read more

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