How to block game request on Facebook


It happened to all of us… We all have that one friend who is biting his nails waiting for us to send him some hay for his farm or nails for his building on Facebook. Well there is a way to block these requests so that you can browse your facebook and sip your coffee in peace.

First of all, Log into facebook.

Click on Games in the app section on the left side

This will take you to a games page. At the top, choose activity.

You will be taken to a notifications and requests page.

Click Ignore all and this will give you a notification.

In the  notification click block. This will block the game from sending you any requests.

Repeat this process for all the invitations you might want to block

That’s it :) It’s really that simple. You can now enjoy using the social network without getting any extra notifications. Enjoy!


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