10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs SEO

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10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs SEO

As a Business Owner, you’ve probably been contacted by countless SEO Agencies. They might outrightly say that you need their services, but what you probably haven’t heard were the reasons of why your business exactly needs SEO.

For starters, it is important to know what SEO is all about. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a Marketing practice which startups or small businesses need to implement. It is one of the most targeted, strategic and affordable ways for all businesses to get noticed especially in their corresponding locales. SEO has been such an essential channel that if you miss out on using it, your business may be at risk of getting virtually forgotten.

SEO is what allows your business to rank highly in organic search engine results. By utilizing SEO, it will be much easier for your prospective customers to find the products or services that you offer on major Search Engines such as Google or Yahoo. Consequently, they will click on your Website and this results to an increased inbound of search traffic. In the long run, SEO can also be a tool to promote and build your brand.

How Does SEO Work?

There are two most important things you need to know about SEO. First would be, the amount of Search Engine traffic you’ll get is proportionate to your combination of low competition but highly converting keywords.

Next is to create landing pages on your website that has the right mix of content for the keywords and audience that you are targeting.

Third is to obtain quality links pointing to your website. Here are few examples:

  • Build partnership with websites within your industry
  • Curate and submit quality content to authority sites which support your chosen keywords
  • Bringing your brand/products to online communities (keep away from forums full of spammers)

These three crucial stages are just the tip of the SEO iceberg, and they need to be constantly carried out for your business to appear and stay on Google’s first page in its search results.

If the competition is huge for your business, it takes consistent effort and various advanced techniques to bring your site to the top results. Now that you already know the gist of Search Engine Optimization, it’s time to consider why exactly you need it for your business to grow.

10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs SEO

Reason #1: Your Business Needs SEO to Reach Page One on Google Search

Source: http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMy0xZTViNjQyN2I1NjdhZGJl

Big brands can gain huge advantages when it comes to driving in search traffic. In fact their advantages are quite big they can make your business look like David, and they’d be digital Goliaths who are the forces to be reckoned with.

They can set aside millions of dollars on online advertisements, sponsored posts and other paid forms of promotion so their campaigns can spread much quicker. Bigger brands also have Social Media Managers and Public Relations Strategists to constantly build their online reputation.

Satisfied customers, raving fans and thought leaders can also spread the campaigns of bigger brands like wildfire in various digital platforms. Brand mentions can also be done via hashtags, new purchases can be shared and intentions to buy can be talked about in countless online channels. With their heaps of budget, the bigger brands’ campaigns would seem to spread effortlessly.  

The good news is, you can still beat the big brands with strategic SEO.  This channel can give your business the boost it needs to compete against your direct competitors, despite their sizes and budget. SEO provides a level playing field for you to get on Google’s top search results.

For your startup, these essentials will give you better chances to rank highly and be easily found by your target site visitors:

  • Wisely apply the keywords which fit your products and services
  • Develop on-site enhancements to make your website both Search and customer friendly
  • Come up with content and a linking strategy to boost your online presence
  • Engage with relevant social communities

Google Search Results

Reason # 2: SEO Delivers a High Return On Investment

If done effectively, SEO can deliver a high ROI to your business. If you want continuous flow of organic traffic in relation to your startup’s most relevant keywords, then you’ll need SEO to make this happen. There were some instances when this channel even provided customer walk-ins in medical clinics, simply by making every clinic searchable online.

Reason # 3. SEO is Less Expensive than Online Advertising

Lately, these types of paid Internet Advertising have been available for businesses:

  • Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Rich Media Advertisements
  • Social Media Advertising

While they promise expected levels of reach or eyeballs, most of them are nowhere near the effectiveness of SEO. With your chosen cluster of targeted keywords within a reasonable budget range, SEO will be more precise on which prospective customers will respond to your content. Conversions such as newsletter sign ups, purchases or setting appointments can most likely take place by using SEO.

Reason #4. SEO Puts an End to Traditional Mass Advertising

Traditional advertising materials (i.e. TV, radio ads and billboards) have their negative connotations, since they’re precisely made to reach the widest range of audiences possible. One of them would be their lack of tangible guarantee and measurements on how many people will actually go to your shop and purchase your products.

Search Engine Optimization lets you talk to potential visitors who will most likely search for your products and services online. Whether they’re using their desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones, your prospective customers will specifically see your materials so you can fully utilize your costs and efforts.

Reason # 5. Quality SEO Takes Time But Hey,  It Works!

Don’t be a sucker for SEO Companies which talk about cheap services and make bold promises. SEO does not work overnight. It is a process which requires research, analysis, strategy  and implementation. Make sure your chosen SEO Specialist has some rad, proven skills and thorough experience so your business will be in good hands.

Reason # 6. SEO Has Changed and Only Relevant, Authoritative Links are Useful

Gone are the days when blog commenting, massive directory and article submissions, or building thousands of links were all you needed to rank in the top results. Spammers and shady black hat practitioners who once tricked Google with old SEO methods are now penalised and even banned from search results altogether.

Work with an SEO company who will take the time to understand the needs of your site, your target keywords, prospective audience and the competition in your industry. This way, the same company can work its way around reaching out to top, trusted authority sites which may endorse your products or services to their subscribers.

Reason # 7: SEO is Not Dead

It can be quite daunting to stay updated with the latest Google Algorithms which can affect your rankings. With every adjustment, you will need to constantly change your methods.

This is where you’ll need experienced and knowledgeable SEO companies to help you maneuver your strategies, for your business to keep finding its way to potential customers. SEO practitioners constantly update their skills with the changing times, so your website will have a never ending flow of organic traffic with your most profitable keywords. As a result, you will have a constant supply of converting visitors to your website.

Reason # 8:  Mobile Device Usage Grows Daily

Forbes magazine claims, “Later this year, the amount of traffic delivered to mobile devices is expected to exceed that [sic] delivered to traditional desktop devices.” With such a huge growth in the mobile market, local search optimization becomes another reason why every small business needs to use SEO.

Reason # 9:  Almost Everyone Searches for Businesses, Products or Services Online

Whether it’s a phone number, street name or email address, your customers will look for the contact details of your business online. Before buying the products they’re eyeing, people will do an online search for the businesses which manufacture them. They would also read about customer reviews and ratings in the process of their purchasing decisions.

SEO makes certain for your business to show up whenever customers type in what they’re looking for. With a well chosen set of keywords, your potential customers’ needs will precisely match what your website offers. What’s more, SEO also ensures for your business to appear on top whenever your name gets typed in.

Reason # 10: Your Competitors are Also Using SEO to their Advantage

Don’t be fooled into thinking once you reach the top spot on Google, you’ll no longer need SEO. Your competitors are also making efforts to gather substantial shares of free organic traffic, they may even end up taking over your rank. It should therefore be your aim to actively stay on top of Google’s search results by maintaining and improving on your SEO Marketing Strategies.

With these 10 reasons, you may have a better perspective of why your business needs SEO. Don’t miss out on this exact opportunity to connect with your online customers.

Mapping out an SEO strategy is essential for you to be a success amidst Online Marketing trends. This practice is one of the most effective ways for a business to establish its online presence and build its brand. If you haven’t started with SEO Marketing yet, now is absolutely the right time.


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