All you need to know about online marketing!

Online Marketing

In our daily lives we are continuously bombarded with advertisement, whether we go for a simple 5 minute walk, to the beach or if we are simply surfing the web. We usually don’t notice these ads but they have a psychological effect on our behaviour, whether we know it or not. Marketing has been interacting with our lives for hundreds of years. Our ancestors used to build massive monuments to ‘market’ their ruler or gods. So why did they do that? They simply wanted everyone to know who to follow. In our modern days we use the same technique but we use different methods.

The internet has connected the whole world together and we can all agree that nowadays, if you want something, you search it on the internet. So if you want people to find you, you must be where they search. And that is where online marketing comes in. By definition online marketing is the use of the web to market or promote sales through an e-commerce site or leads using online ads or email.

So one might ask, why would I go with online marketing instead of the traditional methods? There are 3 main reasons why it’s better!

  1. Online marketing is usually cheaper
  2. It is measurable
  3. Much easier to target your mark

We can all agree that any type of marketing isn’t cheap but we all like to save money if we get the same, or even better, quality. Using tools such Google Analytics or Google Adwords one is able to create campaigns for his business and state how much money he/she is willing to spend. By doing so you are ensuring that you don’t exceed your budget. Moreover, these tools come with tracking measure tools. By knowing which ad brought the most customers you can transfer more money on those ads which work best and stop the others. As you might know, this is much more difficult to do when using traditional marketing and companies tend to spend tens of thousands before they even realize that their campaign isn’t working as they hoped, and by that time there is nothing one can do to improve the situation as the budget would be running low.

There are four main areas that accompany online marketing. The first one is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO, in simple terms, is a process or actions involved to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page. By performing SEO when people search for a product online, if you offer that kind of product, you would improve the chance of ranking in the top 3 results, which are the ones that a normal user would generally click on. Hence you would be improving exposure of your site and generating more traffic. The second reason is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) being implemented operations designed to ease the process for a user to become a customer. This could be from simply designing a more prominent ‘Call to Action’ button to complex web programming. By making the process easier for someone to buy from your website, apply for newsletter, download a file etc. you are increasing the ‘conversion rate’, as known in this industry. The third one is PPC (Pay Per Click). PCC are ads placed on Google, Facebook or other similar search engines or websites. The beauty of such ads is that you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. So basically you are spending money on people who are actually interested. Last but not least is SMM (Social Media Marketing) and this is probably the one that a normal user is most familiar with. SMM is the art of engaging people in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. ) using interesting content and quality posts.

Online marketing can be an intensive process but if done correctly by experts like us, it is doubtlessly a rewarding one.


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