What is the best posting time in a Facebook group?


This is a question hundreds of online marketeers ask when it comes to social media marketing. What are the best posting times for an effective post on a Facebook group? We decided to perform a simple experiment where we would post similar posts onto a group of 57,000 members at different times but consistently throughout the day for a week. We would start posting at 7am and stop at 9.30pm. We decided to go for 1 hour intervals but then we also included 30 minute intervals at crucial times such as from 7am till 11am and from 2pm till 4pm and lastly from 7pm till 9.30pm. In total we posted 25 times a day for 7 days which gives us a total of 175 posts. Below is a full list of the posting times.

Posting times in a Facebook group per day for 7 days
Posting Times

After the 7 days we plotted the total number of clicks on a post depending on the time it was posted in. The following data was obtained:

Time vs total clicks on a facebook post in a group

Immediately one notices the difference in number of clicks depending on the time they are posted in. The post popular time was at 4pm while at 9am, 9.30am and strangely enough at 7.30pm not a single click on post was obtained; even though 7pm and 8pm were quite engaging times with 14 clicks on post each. The group in which we posted in has quite a lot of traffic with approximately 1 post per minute from other members in the group. Although the experiment wasn’t carried out for a long time we still obtained a clear indication of the best posting times in a Facebook group of this size. It is important to know that demographic and geographic factors highly affect post engagement and it is highly suggested to perform a small experiment for yourself to determine the best posting time but this should provide a clear indication. This experiment was carried out thanks to Buffer.


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